Morrissey A-Z: "That's How People Grow Up"

Another above average song from Years of Refusal, with some hilarious lyrics mixed with an accordion driven bolero stomp. The prominent guitars make this fit in with the rest of the album nicely and it acts as a counterpoint to “All You Need Is Me” (although the latter is a better song, IMO) lyrically and tempo-wise. I’ve consistently enjoyed Moz’s vocal performance, which just floats over the top of the music. Another pretty underrated single from one of his best albums.
Yes the lyrics are sometimes dismissed but they're intentionally written in a throwaway manner with a sort of "get over it" attitude and I think it's brilliant. I love this song. I saw him a few times when it was new and it was a real highlight. I'm going to give this a 10/10.
A single I never warmed up to and to be honest, things got a bit more slippery from here on. Miss Young's shrill siren did get Morrissey some satisfaction, though.
Just... no. Not even worthy a b side. A c or a d side, maybe.
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