Morrissey A-Z: "Suffer the Little Children"


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Today's song is Morrissey's cover (on California Son) of this Buffy Sainte-Marie composition, originally released on her Illuminations album in 1969.

What do we think of this one?


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No. Not for me. I saw Ms Marie on the few occasions she supported M and having never previously heard any of her songs, she wasn’t actually that bad. Unfortunately: just not this song.


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its a great song with a message,so many good lines in it.big difference between both versions in time as well as style.
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I'm with Janice. It's a no from me. It doesn't do anything for me. Like most of CS, it feels...boring. Such an unimaginative word to use to describe a song or an album, but at the same time it's the most fitting.

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Can remember seeing the olde girl when supporting Moz , the hydro 2015 she was great...

This is one of those songs that I don’t ever listen to on CS . It’s roughly about half that I ignore..

This, like most of CS has wonderful production and to be fair it’s not a bad cover at all.

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I like this a lot, actually. It’s very exaggerated and sounds like the soundtrack to an Elvis film dance routine, with the prominent piano and rollicking groove. I also appreciate Moz’s phrasing (“well did you think he was a boogie man?”), inhabiting the showbiz persona really well. Seems to stick out for me, at least: a very enjoyable romp, I think.


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An excellent cover of a very fine original.

Morrissey's version is markedly different from Buffy's and I like a lot of the new ideas. The instrumental choices really work and Moz's voice is strong across the album.

One of the highlights of California Son.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 82nd from 264 solo songs.


Had never heard the song before but I loved it. One of my most played tracks on California son


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Although I don't think it's the best track on CS, I do really like this, & think it's a great cover. I've been a bit unkind re; CS previously, but I've been playing it a lot recently & come to appreciate what a great album it actually is; a bit of self-indulgence from Moz, & full of variety. For me it's all about Moz's voice on CS, which is, frankly, superb throughout. Joe C did some wonderful production on this whole album. :thumb:
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The words are very powerful, and I can imagine that they resonated with Morrissey. The musical arrangements are quite unusual for Morrisse, which makes it a bit of a grower to me. One of the more interesting covers on CS.


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I also like the kind words & appreciation from BS-M re; Moz's version of her track.
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