Morrissey A-Z: "Suedehead"


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Our song for today is this Morrissey/Street composition, released in February 1988 as Morrissey's first solo release and charting at #5 in the UK.

What do we think?
Apart from TIALTNGO, this is first Moz-related song I fell deeply in love with. It’s amazing to be young and finding out who you are. It’s not a song I’m all that keen on now, but I look back at those early days with warmth and joy.
I don't like to listen to it that often but it's a great song, iconic, and thank God he had this to give him a sort of platform to become "Morrissey" and move on from The Smiths. 10/10 obviously
Beautiful, funny, tormented all at the same time - amazing stuff.

I can't remember my feelings from the time, but doesn't it feel astonishing now that this came out a mere two months after the final Smiths single?
Little known fact about the video: in the book that the young Sam hands to his uncle, there was a scribbled note in orange crayon that said, "Hello unkle, when I am growed up I would like to invent a think called a website for you and it will be grate, luv Sam x"
An absolute classic, no doubt about it. No matter how many times I listen to this track, it never gets old or ages, and everything slots so perfectly into place. The lyrics are what we can now call “classic Moz” because they helped develop the solid template for such tormented musings.
I mean, c’mon, what else can I say, it’s f***ing “Suedehead”!
i much prefer this to Sunday,great opening,voice is good on this,music is great.
8 silly notes/10 diaries.
A glorious way to start the day, and of course a glorious way to kick off a solo career too. I remember that the stakes were very high at the time. It has a great and very recognisable intro, and I love the way he sings SORRY Oh Oh Oh over the bridge between verse and chorus, so characteristically Morrissey. It sets him apart from other singers.
One of the most important songs of Morrissey's career and the right choice to start his solo excursions. The record company's stamp of approval for this track enabled him and Stephen Street to work freely on Viva Hate.

A bouncy and commercial tune, a fine lead vocal and a deserved hit.

This song ranked 4th on the Hoffman board from 264 solo songs.
This is really quite brilliant. A song for which, like EILS, Moz will be forever remembered. A true classic, and a defining one too.
Absolutely love it.
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Some notes of interest from PJLM:

"This song was written and recorded at the beginning of the "Viva Hate" sessions which stretched from October to December 1987 at Wool Hall Studios in Bath, with producer Stephen Street. Musicians on the recording were Vini Reilly (guitar, piano), Stephen Street (bass) and Andrew Paresi (drums).

The song was recorded once again at BBC's Maida Vale Studios circa November 1987, for eventual broadcast on John Peel's programme. However tensions between the musicians and with some of the BBC personnel brought the session to a premature stop and whatever had been recorded was never broadcast. The musical line-up was the same as above."

"Here is an excerpt of a Morrissey interview by journalist Len Brown published in the NME in February 1988:

LB: "For starters, surely 'Suedehead' has something to do with Richard Allen's pre-punk seminal trash novel of the same name? Yet there's no mention of suedehead(s) in the lyrics?"
M: "No, I'd noticed that. Does the song have anything to do with the title? Well, I did happen to read the book when it came out and I was quite interested in the whole Richard Allen cult. But really I just like the word 'suedehead'."
LB: "So it's not even based on an episode from Suedehead?"
M: "No, not really."
LB: "And it's not about anyone in particular?"
M: "Yes, it is, but I'd rather not give any addresses and phone numbers at this stage.""
It’s one of my favorites. Even after hearing this song for ages, that rolling intro still gives me chills. And the video is a love letter to fanboying and I think it’s wonderfully done.
Without doubt this song and Sunday were brought to the public’s conscience and they made Moz a solo STAR.

It could have all went terribly wrong..

And the vultures were hovering from above...

But Moz pulled it out of the fire with this single and with it charting at no5 it made a huge statement as the last smiths last single limped in around the 30 mark

I love viva hate and it was a wise decision to only release 2 singles from it as most other songs are to short or to long..

I have never loved this song. I adore Sunday but here the music here feels to simple and to thin sounding. I do not like the guitar part that much but Morrisseys part is great which makes up for quite a lot
A truly magnificent pop song. It had every right to be on Now That’s What I Call MUSIC 11.
Always a crowd pleaser, but not as much as Chain Gang🥺
Absolute perfection. Stunning song, sleeve, B-sides and video. One of the reasons why we are all still here all these years later.
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