Morrissey A-Z: "Staircase at the University"

How would you rank YATQ against WPINOYB?
Even though I listened to YATQ a lot when it was published, I never liked its production - the live 2002 rendition of FOTGTD is so much better for instance. I still believe it is a strong album, but it comes after Vauxhall, World Peace and Viva Hate - I have not made my mind on Dog on a Chain yet.
I much prefer World Peace to Quarry, tbf

I loved Staircase, but i've overplayed it in the years since 2014, and also maybe it's a minute too long. I don't mind Gus's guitar solo thing at the end, but by then the entire song has exhausted me
The whole song, especially Gustavo's brilliant guitar, really remind me of Steve Hartley and Cockney Rebel - Make me smile.

Like others have mentioned, I too played this song on repeat 2014 into 2015. World Peace isn't my favourite album but it was the first album Moz released while I've been a fan so it does hold a special place.
The best song on the album and a very good tune from Boz.

The lyrical themes are very Morrissey and he takes the sort of stance that few other writers would even consider.

In the poll on the Hoffman board this ranked 34th from 264 solo songs.
I've never seem to be able to locate a link for the Hoffman Board rating Morrissey songs, would you mind sharing?
Great tune for MGTOW....Men going their own way. And her head split 3 ways. Hilarious !
Musically not one of my favourites, but I have very much grown to love Morrissey's willingness to sing about topics that nobody else will, or at least in a style that nobody else possesses. And, of course, as a struggling, stressed out student, this song speaks to me :)
It's my favourite off the album, great and funny lyrics which really struck a chord at the time as my eldest kid was at uni.

If you don't get 3As, shouldn't that be If you don't get a first.
When WP was released this was one of the song I liked more. Now, I almost do not listen it. But it is a very decent tune.
This was one of the biggest missed opportunities for a smash hit that Morrissey ahs seen in recent years. the lyrics are Girlfriend in a Coma funny and the tune is areal foot tapper. With a decent vid and radio support I really believe this could've gone Top 5.
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