Morrissey A-Z: "Spring-Heeled Jim"

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
Ominous and endlessly cool, with lines upon lines of quotability. I love it.

This Charming Bowie

Welcome to this knockabout world
A dramatic and mysterious track, with innovative weaving of samples through the tangled, dark riff. These murky aspects chime in with the song’s description of a Victorian rebel - a kind of Jack the Lad of popular mythology - that result in many great lines as the song progresses. The flip side of “Now My Heart Is Full”’s triumphant core, adding some required contrast to the album flow.


Game Of Death.
fine song,thats a few dramatic songs in the last few days,to have film dialogue running in the background is very original can anyone think of anyone else who has done this.production is a bit scratchy,voice is fine,whole song is 20 lines with no chorus.
9 slurred words/10 knowing.

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
This has to be one of my most listened to morrissey tracks of all time.
I love the atmosphere it presents and the film dialogue gives it an added Barry bonus...

Also enjoyed the live version but it does sound like he has a cold, busting the myth that he cancels at the drop of a hat, Morrissey has soldierd on... at least at this gig ..

An overwhelming



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A nice song, but one of the lesser moments from Vauxhall and I. I think it benefits a lot from being surrounded by such exalted company.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 97th from 264 solo songs.

Phranc & Open

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Fantastic album track. Fitted perfectly to my my early spring mood in March 1994. For always tied to the mid 90s and Lillywhites production, I remain yours faithfully forever and ever.

T. H. Auden

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Spring-heeled Jim lives to love
Now kissing with his mouth full
And his eyes on some other fool
So many women...
His head should be spinning
Ah, but no!


I don’t relate to the lyrics much and the music is just alright to me. It all sorta feels ominous but I’m not really sure why. It feels a little hollow to me

Ketamine Sun

Spring heeled... perfection.

Miss Boz already. :(

Let’s see how well the ship runs tonight without Boz on deck.


Game Of Death.
Spring heeled... perfection.

Miss Boz already. :(

Let’s see how well the ship runs tonight without Boz on deck.
totally forgot tonight was the first night.just think tomorrow we could have one or two new songs.


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Solid album track. Can’t help to think that you would not come across such a weird song anymore today. The samples from Oldenzaal British films give it a retro feeling.


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Unique & genius track. Love the bouncing bassline, the wailing guitar sound throughout, & clever use of samples from 'We Are The Lambeth Boys'.

Wiki states: "The title may well be based upon Spring-heeled Jack, a semi-fantastical character from English folklore, alleged sightings and lurid press reports said to be able to make phenomenal leaps.", …their use of "may" renders the comment unconvincing to my mind.

To me the song's character seems to be along the lines of a cockney, chavvy 'Dagenham Dave', or 'Boy Racer'-type who previously held some form of reputation with the ladies, but is now older, & ultimately reflects "Oh, where did all the time go?"

Regardless, it's just brilliant. Moztastic.


Chilling in Cheshire.
Fabulous song, remember hearing it live at Sheffield in 95 , 3rd song into the set after an opening of Billy Budd and Have a Go Merchant. At that moment I thought this is the best start to a gig I have ever witnessed.
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