Morrissey A-Z: "Spent the Day in Bed"

Jen M

Ahead of its time, honest, easy to move to, ridic catchy ❤️👍


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Initially, I was going to say that in earlier eras this would barely be a b-side not a single... much less a lead single. But on reflection is it any weaker than "Fatty?" Actually, I think it was a perfect lead single in that it set lower expectations for what was to follow on LIHS. Having said all of that... it is a bit of a grower... yes, the music is a bit cringeworthy but there's enough Morrissey edge in there to elevate it above the music. Who else but Morrissey would throw in a line like "no emasculation, no castration"? 7/10


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Have to say that I disagree with you here. I think the 'stop watching the news' line is actually pretty good and original advice, as is the follow-up about the news contriving to frighten you, and making you feel like your mind is not your own. It's well observed and expressed, and particularly resonant in these current times.
Agreed. Does anyone honestly feel good after watching hours of news? We all want to be 'informed' but I can only take so much before it becomes a case of diminishing returns.


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Not classic Morrissey, but not a bad teaser for the album. Certainly far superior to some dreck that we've heard in the past such as Fatty and Dagenham Dave.

The lyrics don't particularly speak to me, but they don't make me cringe either.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 85th from 264 solo songs.


I bought it so that should count for something and I'm glad that it got some play. I think it's tolerable but I count it as part of a disappointing period that ended with "dog." Looking forward to the next record and don't have much time to listen to this one.


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I actually liked the keyboard intro: it fits with the contemporary keyboard-driven music and sounds old fashioned at the same time, typical Moz after all. The outtro ´no bus, no Boz, no train, no rain´ is actually a good earworm. I initially interpreted the song to be about the need to entirely switch off from time to time, the lines about stop watching the news didn’t bother me. When placed in the broader context of LIHS and things he has Saïd since, these lines become more cringy.

I am concerned that this track might go down as the last ´real Morrissey single ´ in terms of radio airplay and appeal to a broader audience. It leaves me with a certain nostalgia.
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