Morrissey A-Z: "Some Say (I Got Devil)"



This song is very powerful live

It is absolutely captivating, I think that I have seen every live version available on YouTube by now. I love the dramatic arrangement and his voice sounds fantastic each time.

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25 times live in one year (out of the 34 gigs), possibly shows he liked it.
The drama felt amplified in the live performances - voice stands out on most of the live bits capturing said.

I'll be honest with ya FWD, when I heard'em
sing the thing live, ya could hear a pin drop
in the crowd.
It was like Moz was performin' a exorcism,
the way he sang it and that hit in the music
was super loud to the point of distortion.
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This might be the best cover that Morrissey has yet recorded.

A very strong composition and I agree with the comments about the dramatic sound of the recording. Morrissey is in very good voice as well.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 18th from 264 solo songs.
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