Morrissey A-Z: "Skin Storm"


trolls take a tire and turn into a city in lebanon
while moz again takes a song and makes a masterpiece:hammer:
A bit too cutesy and wee, but gorgeous arrangement and production.

"Fun" fact: there's a spanish fascist skinhead band called Skinstorm. They seem to have debuted earlier this year.
Also, more importantly, welcome back @BookishBoy. It's been hell without the A-Z.
trolls take a tire and turn into a city in lebanon
This must be the weirdest, most psychedelic and off the wall sentence ever to be posted on this site. Look at it, read it aloud, try to make sense of it, try to imagine what this oddity of a man tried to convey. You're in for a helluva ride.
Yes it's good to get back on track with the A-Z.
This place was starting to slide without true purpose, or direction.
Yeah, it really needs the A-Z and stuff like it (and we do too). It keeps most of us focused on the stuff that matters - the music and the artist.
This always stuck out to me from the first listen, as both musically and lyrically it sounds very different from anything that Morrissey would write.

Up to this point he had covered mainly camp songs or, in this case, things written by his mates. He would go on to record much better covers years later.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 153rd from 264 solo songs.
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