Morrissey A-Z: "Redondo Beach"

Awful choice. Didn't he once say "Reggae is vile"?
I reckon yes, he did. California Son says whatever the Burbank marketing team tells him to say, to make sales higher on the goldmine mporiumuk. Just like all the Brittish politics shit he knows nothing about, someone in marketing thought that the Brittish delusional stalkers would buy more if he said "reggae is vile". I reckon this is one of his favorite songs. Reminds him of his youth growing up surfing on the beaches of Moz Angeles chipper curry he doesn't live in LA anymore impostor photo ops in altrichichichicham inn nn n nnn n nnnnn nn it.
I don't mind this at all; obv a tribute to PS, so no bad thing. I like the splashes of elec guitar & tiny flecks of piano, and the strong bass.
I'm sure I read ages ago that Moz had always (mistakenly) thought the song began with 'Let it be known' (as sung in his version), whereas in fact it's 'Late afternoon', but it's forgivable, as PS sings the words with some slight distortion.
It's not at all shabby by any stretch.

Edit: Ah, here it is from PJLM:

"Morrissey, in a Q&A session on True To You in June 2007: "I also had it in my mind that the opening line was 'let it be known,' which it isn't, it's 'late afternoon'.""
The PS version is awful, and quite weird. It gives me the creeps
Despite not being overawed with M’s versions, it’s far better than hers. Far better
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