Morrissey A-Z: "Redondo Beach"


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Today's song is Morrissey's cover of this Smith/Kaye/Sohl composition, initially released as a double A-side single (with "There Is a Light..."), trailing the Live at Earl's Court album in 2005. The song was also performed for a Janice Long BBC Radio session.

What do we think?


Game Of Death.
good song,his voice seems quite hoarse on this.its one of these ones where there isnt really much to say about it,its decent.
7 redondos/10 beaches,

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
I’d rather hear him sing We Three.

That said, Redondo Beach is a great song, just never been a fan of Moz’ cover.


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While Morrissey has recorded some fine singles, there are also a few top twenty hits that are a long way from his best work. This really didn't merit becoming a hit single (even coupled with a Smiths performance) and sounded out of place on the Greatest Hits album. It's not a bad live performance though, and works ok as an unexpected inclusion on the live album.

I quite like the Janice Long version, mainly for Morrissey's vocal, and I still think they ought to have issued a BBC sessions album.

In the poll on the Hoffman forum this song ranked 188th from 264 solo songs.


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Here's a 1970s postcard of "World famous Redondo Beach"...

This Charming Bowie

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A fine cover, nothing to write home about, really. Moz obviously deeply respects the original, so doesn’t go out of his way to change the reggae rhythms and dark lyrics. It’s a great song already, but I’d prefer to hear him tackle something with more room to experiment (10 minute Moz cover of “Land,” anyone?!). That said, I don’t mind it when it comes on: for covers though, I prefer to direct myself to either some of the earlier examples or California Son.


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Morrissey’s version is almost too smooth. It sounds more contemporary and nice to the ear, while staying close to the original at the same time.

Ben Budd

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yeah, no thank you

putting TIALTNGO as the b-side was almost like he was taking the piss


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I always had a soft spot for this one, likely down to playing it (and all of the ‘Live At Earls Court’ album) very loudly in the car for the bulk of 2005 as I drove up and down the M4 for a horrible weekly commute. The album came out on the Monday and I got married on the Saturday, an event overshadowed by Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla. My wife and I were at Earls Court for the concert the previous December (her first Morrissey gig), so this rock/reggae suicide song washes up happy memories – romantique!


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The production on this well-intentioned song, like so many tracks from the Quarry era, can only be described as borderline retarded.


New Membrane
I'd rather hear him sing "Free Money."

I’d rather he sing ‘Rock N Roll n*****.*

* (wow, didn’t think solo would censor Patti :( :lbf: doh:)

Those who have suffered, understand suffering
And thereby extend their hand
The storm that brings harm
Also makes fertile
Blessed is the grass
And herb and the true thorn and light)

I was lost in a valley of pleasure
I was lost in the infinite sea
I was lost, and measure for measure
Love spewed from the heart of me

I was lost, and the cost
And the cost didn't matter to me
I was lost, and the cost
Was to be outside society

Jimi Hendrix was a n*****
Jesus Christ and Grandma, too
Jackson Pollock was a n*****
n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****
n*****, n*****, n*****

Outside of society, they're waitin' for me
Outside of society, if you're looking
That's where you'll find me
Outside of society, they're waitin' for me

Outside of society’
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New Membrane
yeah, no thank you

putting TIALTNGO as the b-side was almost like he was taking the piss


Maybe it was his way of saying, Patti is the light that never goes out. An important artist in shaping what he became, up there with the Dolls.

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
He did, in a way. ‘My Love Life’

Agree. Though as with all his covers, I enjoy the fact that he enjoys singing them and championing these artists.
Ha! It’s something, at least.

Me, too. I discovered Patti through Moz, late teens.
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