Morrissey A-Z: "Reader Meet Author"


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Love this song, from one of my favourite albums. Lyrically, again astute & clever. I particularly like the line "Oh, any excuse to write more lies".

Some interesting info from PJLM:

"An instrumental was recorded in December 1994 at Miraval Studios in France, with Boz Boorer (guitar), Alain Whyte (guitar), Johnny Bridgwood (bass) and Woodie Taylor (drums), but no Morrissey. It came together at rehearsals in January 1995 at Abbey Road studios in London, with Spencer Cobrin replacing Woodie Taylor at the drums."

"In an interview published in Q Magazine in September 1995, to the question "'Reader Meet Author' seems to be about people who 'slum it'." Morrissye [sic] answered "I've come across it many times. It's a fascinating phenomenon. Especially amongst music journalists who pretend to understand all aspects of life however degrading. It amuses me that these people are middle class and I know a few and their preoccupation is in meddling with the destitute and desperate as a hobby. Middle-class writers are fascinated by those who struggle. They find it righteous and amusing... On the song you mention, I sing, 'The year 2000 won't change anyone here' and that's true. It won't change their lives. They won't be catapulted into space age culture and mobile fax machines. The poor remain poor. Someone has to work in Woolworth's."

Highly amusing that he references 'fax machines'.

"In an interview published in the RTE Guide in January 1996, Morrissey said "Reader Meets Author is about a lot of middle-class journalists I know who think they have an understanding of the working classes and their fascinations, which they patently do not."

"In a Q&A published on the True-To-You website in January 2006, Morrissey said of Boz Boorer who co-wrote this song: "The best of Boz is 'Reader Meet Author'.""


What really makes Reader Meet Author a great song sonically for me is Alain Whyte's guitar. Without that it'd be a good song, but not great. The little lick at the end of the verses is what I'm talking about. Those who know guitar terms probably know what the term is. Oh and the little solo too. Sorry I'm listening to it while I type.
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