Morrissey A-Z: "Piccadilly Palare"


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Great song and an instant classic... this and November really seem to convey the sound he was going for at the time. This is another one that should be reintroduced in the live sets.

Who else first learned what "Your lovely eek and Your lovely riah" meant from David Tseng's Sing Your Life fanzine?


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I snagged this a couple of years back for obvious reasons, but with the Madness links and it being the second known Morrissey cover by Suggs (given his link to the song itself), worth a share:

(Takes a while for the singing).

I've always felt this track owes as much to Julian and Sandy as anything Soho rent boy-related.
Kenny died in '88 - so only potentially a year prior to the writing of this song.

Interesting to hear his version, though short, does open it up more. Makes me wish that Bona Drag was a real album, with Piccadilly being done the way Sugg’s does it,
stretched out with other songs segueing into each other over the whole album.

Famous when dead

Wow, where did that version originate from?
Believed to be an edited version (for ? reason) of the original master.
Obviously surfaced here thereafter (circa 2004) and the extra verse returned on the Bona Drag 2010 version minus the 'No, Dad' part.
what a load of crap . Still you were probably quite happy with The Farm ( they were utterly shite)

Im essence it was the blue print for songs like NF Diosco and First Of The Gang To Die etc, ... That is to say a soul that gets lost in a shabby scene.

It did have a Kinks feel ( but then the Smiths were simply a post bowie/post punk Kinks. As a friend of mine often says).

The fact the Morrissey released this , rather than getting The Funky Drummer on every song and going on TOTP in flares, is part of the reason he is so good.. He travels his own path, he beats his own drum (matron!), he sails his own ship .

I think what made this all the more great , is the pashion he imbued it with live. Those gigs were beyond fantastic. Anyone who thinks any of his post 2000 gigs hold a cnadle to those early 90s gigs , haven't a clue. In their own special way , they were , almost, as good as the smiths. Not the music , not quite the passion . But they were strange days with its own magic
You do realise that @BookishBoy was not giving his own opinion there but quoting Morrissey's own opinion of the song don't you?

Even the song's writer thinks it's crap.

I however, disagree because the extended version was played regularly at the Moz/Smiths nights down the Star & Garter of a Friday Night in the late 90's and early 00's and so I associate the 'No Dad, I won't be home tomorrow' to 1am Manchester Saturdays. Because of this, it's an excellent song.

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the extra verse version is wonderful
morrissey a-z
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