Morrissey A-Z: "Piccadilly Palare"


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Easy meat
(and a reasonably good buy)


I really like the song. It’s fun and catchy and the producer keeps putting in all these weird samples. I like that the song isn’t really about prostitutes but rather the way young people think something like that is interesting or at all cool. The fact that he and his friends would sorta play t this makes it feel really authentically youthful

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I remember not being terribly excited by this single, but that has more to do with his very strong start than anything else in retrospect.
Listening to it now, it still sounds fresh with its strong vocal harmony, a reasonably good buy :) .
It certainly deserves its spot on the Bona Drag LP.

As for the slang in the lyrics, does anybody know the meaning of this line:
So bona to vada OH YOU
your lovely eek and
your lovely riah
“Good to see your lovely face and hair” IIRC.

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I snagged this a couple of years back for obvious reasons, but with the Madness links and it being the second known Morrissey cover by Suggs (given his link to the song itself), worth a share:

(Takes a while for the singing).

I've always felt this track owes as much to Julian and Sandy as anything Soho rent boy-related.
Kenny died in '88 - so only potentially a year prior to the writing of this song.

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It feels YOUNG and I loved it when I first heard it on Bona Drag when I was young running around in a posse that created a new language for themselves and could relate to being "easy meat and a reasonably good buy. " 😄 Still is a great song for that very reason and being a fun sing-a-long.

Had NO idea about the prostitute thing back then. 😁


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“Off the rails I was and
Off the rails
I was happy to stay

Get out of my way!”

Great song and single as a whole.
Who else but Morrissey would tackle such subjects. Loved the sleeve photo too.

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