Morrissey A-Z: "November Spawned a Monster"

This simply ain't true. It was spring 1990 and a whole new movement was afoot. Floppy haired, be-fringed blokes, plying their baggy beats. The Madchester thing was massive. The Charlatans, The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, P Scream - they were all pretty much at their peak. Morrissey was an odd looking, irrelevant, indie anachronism struggling to find songwriters, a band and a purpose. Even singles like this (which were clearly amazing) only received lukewarm reviews.
It simply is.
I think it's quite probable there is no deep meaning to 'November', other than it's a suitably dreary, ominous month, and rolls off the tongue nicely for the lyric. I mean - "April Spawned a Monster" just doesn't have the same feel, does it? :unsure:

LOL... Maybe the answer is that there isn't one!
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