Morrissey A-Z: "Noise Is the Best Revenge"


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Today's song is this Morrissey/Boorer/Day composition, recorded for a Janice Long BBC radio session in 2004 and included on the "Redondo Beach / There Is a Light" single of 2005.

What do we think of this one?

Light Housework

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Never heard this before. It's great. "I know why you're dreaming. Cuz it's the only escape."


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This is a duffer, but perhaps it might have been improved had it been given a proper studio production.

There isn't really anything of interest lyrically, musically or vocally here.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 257th from 264 solo songs.

Famous when dead


Well, it's not up there as a classic for myself.
Whether a studio take ever happened - we'll probably never know.
It clearly inspired the Dwyer household though.

Gregor Samsa

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Always liked it. Moz could hardly do any wrong in the mid-2000’s. It’s obviously not as good as IPETG, but it’s still reasonably strong.


Game Of Death.
its classic M.would love a cleaned up version.but,you cant always get what you want.
7 right ways/10 wrong ways.


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This seems a bit of a mess.
There's quite a few familiar riffs that I just can't put my finger on; the organ reminds me of something from the 70's...Dutch group Focus maybe.
As has been mentioned, better studio prod might have helped improve things. For me, the only saving grace is Moz's vocals.


Game Of Death.
wish the first line was HEY KIT.this song could have been the long lost cousin of kit.


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I’m mistaking it with “I’m Playing Easy To Get” which was done once during a live show in 2004.
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