Morrissey A-Z: "Nobody Loves Us"

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I want to understand what a classic Moz chord sequence/arrangement is.

Because like Amy, maybe others here, this is the Moz I relate to . . . Classic.

(And I don't relate so much to Southpaw, YOR etc. - even though they're the same writers.)

But I'm never quite sure why this "classic Moz" stands out so or seems so defining.

Is it the vocal melody (something I don't understand)? Is it Whyte using a certain set of chords favoured by Morrissey.

In any event, I echo most of you here. One of his true greats. I just wonder why . . . ?
Usually, for me, it's that accidental (sharp or flat) chord that makes it into a typical 90s “Morrissey” chord progression - no slant on the song, as you can throughout the rest of my post.
I think you're right in saying that Whyte used certain chords (or chord numbers in different keys) often, and that clearly Moz liked them - similarly, I’m sure to Jesse or Boz or Gustavo now.


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Fantastic song, one I’ve enjoyed for ages.
I’m glad Moz added it to the expanded “Southpaw Grammar.” I think it works great as an album closer!

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Favorite jam? Leaden and dull. Could have been wonderful but the music: is there a tune in there? Moz and Co at their stodgiest.
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