Morrissey A-Z: "Never Again Will I Be a Twin"



It grew on me and I think would make a fine album track if sequenced right. The lyrics are what really grew on me though. Through them I found the song groove and mood


The a - z of Morrissey's solo songs seems to be read-only but I just wanted to make a note of something about Never Again Will I Be a Twin. Whilst looking for films for a backdrop match, I watch La Notte (1960) again (because it's set in Milan and at one point Jeanne Moreau gets surrounded by bikers). About 7 minutes in she visits a friend in hospital who says (translated) 'The operation was successful but the patient died' and they laugh. In fact, he does die later in the film but at this point it's a joke and I wondered if the friend was quoting the 1943 film The Adventures of Tartu, in which Robert Donat defuses a bomb that has fallen on a hospital ward and he says to the nurse who is caring for a little boy there 'Operation successful: patient died'. It's similar to Morrissey's line 'The operation went well, but the patient died'.
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