Morrissey A-Z: "My Life Is a Succession of People Saying Goodbye"

I like the way the song shimmers and the subject matter and lyrics are great with a lot of tautness in the vocal. Might be straightforward in a way but it goes down smooth
Missed this one the first time around as I wasn't buying singles any longer. Too bad for me... not a top 10 by any means... but it's a very solid b-side from an era long gone (true statement, @Carlisle baz) that I would have taken to right away.
I can’t really add anything that has already been said, dreamy, bond like and from a period that shall never be the same again....
Great 4king B sides....

Listening to B sides like this was a Barry bonus....
It’s a beautiful song with wonderful melodies.....

Flesh 10/10
Cheap jewellery 10/10

Oh by the way Gordy boy
England 2
Scotland 1
Have a good nigh olde pal🍻🍻🍻
your probably right baz,boring manager,boring team selection and a defence that couldnt keep weans oot a close.
“You Only Live Twice”?
live twice is actually my favourite bond theme followed by tom jones thunderball and all time high by rita coolidge,im not quite getting you only live twice but theres little bits here and there which can be quite bondish.
Him being a Nancy Sinatra fan
may have passed the idea along, though Alain would probably deny it
like he did with Certain People

morrissey a-z
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