Morrissey A-Z: "My Hurling Days Are Done"

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Not one of my faves from dog, along with Ruth and music these three songs let down dog down entirely and stop dog from being a timeless Moz masterpiece.....

Gregor Samsa

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One of several strong tracks on Dog, and a perfect album closer.


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The whole production is like if Bona Drag was actually dog shit rather than a masterpiece. Bad musical theater. Reminds me of "At Last I Am Born" and that sure ain't a compliment.


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I don't love it unconditionally, but I do have a lot of time for this one. Principally because I enjoy hearing Morrissey sing about getting older and the fading of the light. Musically it has a slight U2 vibe to it (good U2, not awful U2) and lyrically it makes me laugh, never a bad thing in a song about the passing of time. Every time I listen to it, I keep expecting it to explode into something truly epic near the end but it never does - but perhaps in a way that's fitting, given the subject matter.

More songs like this, please!

This Charming Bowie

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A good closer to a great album. Wistful instrumental to match the weary lyrics: I mean, what a title! It’s very simple, yet tugs at something that makes it effective: perhaps it’s the choir or the U2-esque muted guitars (not the first time we’ve heard that on the LP) or the disjunct piano. Everything clicks. After an album of looking forward, this dares to look back as well as ahead, and wraps up the threads of the album nicely.


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for me its a fantastic song,voice is strong on this.didnt like it when i first heard it but grew on me and is now one of my favourites on woof woof.
9 mamas/10 teddy bears.


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This is such a beautiful track. Moz's voice is absolutely wonderful (reminds me of the richness, warmth & maturity of Matt Monro in places), and his different enunciations on the word 'done' are very effective. The positioning on the album as the closer is perfect.

Lyrically it's a bit lazy in places, "voice/invoice"; I find the "Okay, come on son, bend over" a bit too crude for the sentiment of the song, and I still have no idea of the relevance of "Funky Alfonso". But I don't actually care because of the way the whole track is beautifully delivered.

I recall when I first heard it (when Dog came out) this track caused the hairs on my arms to stand up, & gave me a lump in my throat. It still has the same effect to this day. Wonderful.

Mike Rourke

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10/10 for the music - a beautiful piece of indie jangle. Sounds like something off the first Sundays album. But 6/10 for the lyrics which don't really connect (or even make sense in places), and there are too many verses. Bit of a missed opportunity but a fantastic piece of music from Jesse. Let's hope he's written some more songs of this quality for the new album.

Ben Budd

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i really quite like it. reminds me of when the album came out and i was listening to it and trying to see if i liked it or not during lockdown mk i-era walks around stretford. i like the theme, good music, good lyrics - however, the funk alphonso line makes me cringe every time i hear it.


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An almost perfect closer and it is impressive lyrically, musically and vocally.

One of his strongest songs of recent years.

In the poll on the Hoffman board, due to its newness, it ranked 13th from 264 solo songs.
Proof, that he can still sing other people's lives as well as just his own.

A real faith restorer, almost waltz-like in its arrangement and although it's lyrical sentiment is very similar to Oboe Concerto; it does a much better job of giving the listener something to cry along to.

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Did we ever tell you about our Covid near-death experience last spring? This wonderful song provided a soundtrack of sorts. There was a point at which we discussed its appropriateness for the Crem, just as the curtains closed. Is it just us, or does this sit SO comfortably alongside 'Never Played Symphonies'? We think it does. It's nothing special lyrically and the kiddy choir is, er, well. Anyway, the looping descending bass line is sublime and once again we have that quasi-military drum beat, which is nice.
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