Morrissey A-Z: "Munich Air Disaster 1958"

This along with Mama Lay Softly are a couple of my favourite latter day Morrissey songs. I can't remember where I saw it anymore, but I really liked when he played it live and the intro was the new york doll's subway train, it seemed to fit so well.

edit - Apparently it was on an album...

As a B-Side I think it's great, but I do agree that it has been excessively overplayed live in recent years. There's so many other gems in the back catalogue, it does seem odd that he keeps returning to this one.
I like the song very much.
The staggering propellers of the crashing plane are extremely atmospheric and Morrissey is lyrically and emotionally very close to the cruel fate of his hometown football team.
Sure, it’s been played to death these last four years, and sure he has tons of songs that are more deserving of that kind of attention, but that said, it’s still a good song. Strong in every way; vocal, vocal melody, arrangement, production and lyrics.
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