Morrissey A-Z: "Morning Starship"



The original is to shrill for me but I love the smooth matter of fact delivery here. California son turned out better than I thought it would


There's nothing quite so embarrassing for a chap as to wake up with a whacking great 'morning starship'. This song captures those feelings perfectly. Lovely stuff.

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Perhaps the only song on CS I might’ve anticipated. Morrissey’s version is an absolute belter.

I love this couplet, which describes the door opening:
‘The crystal glint of the turning glass
The creaking sound of the rusted latch’.
Wow. Perfect.

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A great, weird pop song, fitting Mozzer perfectly. Great production that breathes and soars.


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Just like Roy Orbinson's "It's over", this one is hard to emulate.
Somehow I think that Morrissey & band fared better on this one. The decision to deviate more from the original was undoubtedly brave, but also well taken. The cover blends well with Morrissey's current sound and vocal strength, and it is epic which works well for Morrissey. That's why it is a joy to hear live, when you're not really thinking about the original anyway.
All in all, one of his more enjoyable covers.
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