Morrissey A-Z: "Moon River"



First time heard this great cover on an amazing compilation from 2000 :

I LOVE long version . One of the most beautiful songs sung by Morrissey


I prefer the long version. The actual standard 'cover song' bit at the start with Morrissey's usual vocals is a bit...standard. It doesn't really improve on the original, or do anything different. But then it goes on this insane, rambling, murky, ambient bit, which is like being serenaded by a ghost.

The odd thing for me about this period, was how few new B-side songs we were getting. 'Vauxhall' was Morrissey's a big hit, and most were of the opinion it was the best thing he'd ever done, so I was expecting a stream of singles from the album, along with a stack of new B-sides. Instead, I think we only got two new songs - this cover version, and the similarly ghostly 'I'd Love To'. And then he didn't tour in support of the album either. Such a weird time.


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I am very familiar with the XXL version, first time I listened to the short version (twice).
The bonus of the long version is Morrissey singing to us from the underworld. And while I agree that the song is too long and too repetitive in the end, I also like the instrumental middle section.
It's not one of his best covers, but sound-wise it is very much in line with Vauxhal & I


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When it comes to things in our orbit, Morrissey definitely needs to lean towards heat.

Moon River and Moon Over Kentucky both aren’t anything that special.

Sunny, however, is.


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There are so many covers of this song and most of them aren't any good. This one is quite good. Props to Morrissey for changing the lyrics.

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Love this one, still catch myself singing it to myself when I go out into the world. Soothing, his voice in my head, my huckleberry friend, a comforting melody, and that ... us against them romanticism of youth, it’s hard to let go of, do we ever let go?

Wider than a mile
I'll be crossing you in style
Oh dream maker
You heartbreaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters off to see the world
I'm not so sure the world deserves us
We're after the same rainbow's end
It's just around the bend
It's just around the bend
It's just around the bend
It's just around the bend”

💙 💙 💜

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One of his all time greatest covers. Up there with That’s Entertainment and Rose Garden. Frank’s version is for me the version, but Mozzer does it justice, no doubt.
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