Morrissey A-Z: "Michael's Bones"

Mike Rourke

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As others have noted, this song is indeed an absolute beauty - the bleakness of the words, the sparseness of the arrangement. A perfect match.
Unkissed lips, thinning clothes, frozen gentle hands, but eyes that still cry. Ouch.
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Geoff Tipps

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I really want to love this one, but sadly it just doesn’t do much for me. The mood of the song is great, but I just can’t get into it musically. I still think it is a decent song overall, but I am just not hearing the greatness others are. I will continue to give this one a listen, and maybe one day it will finally click with me.


What about, closer to home, Michael Joyce?
The drummer Mike (Michael) Joyce I didn't think of that. I was thinking of another "MJ" (Michael) that of Michael Jackson not Mick Jagger or Michael Jordan.

Gregor Samsa

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Both sinister and sad, this is easily one of his strongest ever b-sides, and frankly one of his best ever solo songs. It’s magnificent in every way.
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