Morrissey A-Z: "Julie In The Weeds"



When the music starts, it really could be anyone - Billy Joel or someone very middle of the road. Moz needs to work with someone more musically interesting.


When I hear all the 'out takes' such as this it makes me think that there must have been some kind of skewed commercial agenda. I'd love to hear all the b sides and out takes on their own. It's like a parallel existence,Morrissey has. There are at least 5 better albums he could have released with all the songs he relegated to b sides and out takes. Curious. I suspect that he likes all of his songs equally. He probably doesn't view any song as any better or any worse than the last. Probably because he puts so much effort into each one. He probably thinks they're all great. God bless you, Morrissey.

That's the problem with really creative people, they create all kinds of music and think they are equal, but they are not. They need someone discerning to say which is better. For instance when Moz thought "There Is a Light" wasn't good enough, Johnny dismissed that instantly. Probably Stephen Street functioned in that capacity of having a discerning eye. Too many yes men spoil the broth.


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I enjoyed it back then in 2014 and still do. I’ve always been somewhat surprised it never has gotten a live outing.


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As with the majority of that album, for me, it’s rooted in 2014.
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