Morrissey A-Z: "Julie In The Weeds"

Again: should have been on the actually WPINOYB Album. A nice little tune with anachronistical flair, a relaxed vocal from Moz and Gustavo's "gear" is audible.
his voice is great on this.some good lyrics as well.the bonus tracks from world peace were some of my all time favourites.
9 north easts/10 south wests.vivamozz.
It's a pleasant enough ditty but fairly unremarkable and unmemorable and certainly wouldn't make it to my fantasy WPINOYB album.
Gorgeous song, as are most of the WP bonus tracks. Lovely lush arrangement and nice and warm melancholia throughout.
Everything but a lyric. Sounds nice, okay melody, Julie is having fun with her new synthesizer sounds, but this doesn't come near the standard that makes people fans of his.
This song is an absolute beauty. In his all time top 10. A wistful, weary lyric set to a dream of a composition from Mr Boorer.
I love this song so much. For me, this is what Morrissey in his 50s and 60s should sound more like: atmospheric, warm, wistful, relaxed, playful, etc. (See also, some of the best tracks on IANADOAC.) He may well have others ideas, of course...
A lovely, lilting little song. It has a very mellow feel and is one of my favourites of the very strong bonus tracks. The guitars occasionally threaten to break the mood, but thankfully they don't intrude too much.

A fine vocal and good to hear a couple of moments of falsetto.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 120th from 264 solo songs.
It's a standard Morrissey / Boorer composition, easy listening, topped up with Gustavo's accordion and synthesizer sounds to keep it interesting. Not the best song on the WPINOYB bonus CD, but enjoyable enough that I never feel the urge to skip it.

I always wondered whether the song is dedicated to a specific person called Julie (or perhaps Julia?), or whether the name is just random. The answer is probably in this line: no one has a clue.
6/10 ... strong six !

I like the accordion part, very enjoyable (if it's an accordion :unsure: )
Like all World Peace bonus tracks on the bonus disc, it does not deserve to be a bonus track. )

I can imagine such a complication where this song has its deserved place.

It’s very pleasant and clean in that 50s 60s sounding way. Production is nice upfront and super clear but the song has very little to draw me in. It’s a bit bland and i feel like I’ve heard this sound a lot in in the decades past. Not a song with flaws per se but rather one that just lacking
Too bad the WPINOYB bonus tracks were not released as an EP - they're that strong. About Julie, something in the production really elevates it beyond the sum of its parts. There's something rather moving about Morrissey as Julie's protector: "As long as there remains steel in my veins / They will not trouble you /They will not touch you / Will not trouble you." 7.5/10 for me.
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