Morrissey A-Z: "Judy Is a Punk"


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A weirdly obvious choice for Morrissey, which is a shame considering his gift for shining a light on more obscure classics. I saw him close a couple shows with this one and the feeling of collective disappointment in the room was undeniable. Definitely didn't need to have this one or something like "To Give (The Reason I Live)" kicking around for so many tours.


I really enjoy the disconnect of hearing Morrissey's gorgeous voice doing this song, and he and the band do it pretty well. Yes, it's a minor, throwaway thing but still lots of fun!

At least the band can handle the Ramones, the Smiths not so much.


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I was going to say that this is utter dog-shit, but that would be too harsh.
It’s just regular old shit.

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It was fun hearing it live in Brooklyn for the first time... worked well as it segued directly into "Irish Blood English Heart" as the encore. I think those two minutes are fine as part of a show, but not sure it warrants repeated listens.

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I think I was at one of the US gigs in 2016 when this was first covered live. Granted, it was on Under the Influence, it was only until afterwards, I realised it was the Ramones: I don’t think it should have still be hanging around the setlist 2-3 years later
See also You’ll Be Gone

it’s ok (as best) x
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it was on 'under the influence'? WTF?
of course this troll has been to 0 shows. o as in zero.
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I thought you meant this for a second.

Haha, f*** no! I meant the deeply underrated late-era Ramones banger.


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