Morrissey A-Z: "Jim Jim Falls"

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Depression and mental illness is tricky these days because everyone is more aware of it but it doesn't necessarily mean they're better at helping you with it or, more importantly, being nicer people in order to prevent you feeling that way in the first place. When noone acknowledged my depression and anxiety years ago, I could at least tell myself that my ongoing misery was justified. Now that these things are 'supposedly' recognised more, I feel a certain guilt for still not being able to cheer up. Yes, people may be more aware of the problem, but is there any more help than there used to be?
My sentiments entirely Dale, almost daily I witness people pay lip service to ‘mental health issues’ whilst piling on the pressures that are actually causal.

In many ways, it all seems more sinister and insidious than it ever was before: People now feel as if they have a right to access the psyche of others, for the purpose of furthering their own ends. And we’re expected not to notice if it’s done in the name of ‘care’.



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Musically and melodically it’s nothing short of glorious. But I do have some problems with the lyrics. Some people will insist that he is singing to himself, but I can’t shake the feeling that he is urging depressed people to kill themselves. Or maybe he is just fed up with drama queens using the threat of suicide to get what they want. I’m kind of on the fence. Ultimately, however, I think it’s a good song and a strong opener.
He's ironically encouraging people to be strong, face life instead of mourning all the time like... himself. I like it when he's like that, though I think this little song is much overrated. It's just okay to me.


For me the second best on a Dog album and number 7 in my personal ranking of my favoutites ( or most important ) Morrissey's songs all time ( maybe it's still a freshness effect . After all, a year in music is not a long time )
First , this song has an educational value for me because I didn't know what Jim Jim falls was until I heard it :grimacing:
Secondly, in the lines below I can see this self-ironic reference to his walk off from the stage in Warsaw in 2014

If you're gonna sing, then sing
Just don't talk about it

but these are just my loose thoughts

Rate : 8 ( sometimes 9 ) /10
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