Morrissey A-Z: "In Your Lap"


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The 'almighty crack' of the bombs. His face in the lap. The other almighty crack. The one that gives life.


He had the same accusations for the lyrics of The Headmaster Ritual
Every utterance can't be a masterpiece of poetry. To me, it's the way he sings his lyrics. Put down on paper they could appear quite trite.

I agree. Lyrics aren’t about words on paper though it’s always nice when they on paper amaze but rather how those words are embedded with the power of feeling expressed through the art of singing. I think here he’s in good form and I feel it while I did not on I bury the living


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Yeah, I agree with the comments about the running order.

It's superior to The Girl from Tel Aviv though, and the music from this album deservedly received plenty of good reviews from the critics.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 131st from 264 solo songs.


The 'almighty crack' of the bombs. His face in the lap. The other almighty crack. The one that gives life.
This is a Morrissey song, so I suspect it's written about laying his head in a male lap. In which case, the 'almighty crack' in question would be an arse-crack, rather than one that gives life. :unsure:


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In between the time that "Spent The Day In Bed," which I bought, came out and the release of LIHS Morrissey made some comments that put me off. I've never heard this song until yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.
It feels like the lyrics could have been polished a little more but I like the concepts and the juxtaposition between the political and the personal.


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Boy George’s fave on the album, it’s easy to see why. I quite like it too, though its placement inbetween two of the weaker songs on the album doesn’t help.


Today's song is this Morrissey/Manzur composition from the Low in High School album.

What do we think?
i have pictures ripped out of newspapers and magazines, of faces of the monarchy, for company. i snatched what was available, to decorate my new room in the psych ward
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