Morrissey A-Z: "I Wish You Lonely"

I really like this song even though it sounds like a couple of different songs lines and ideas amalgamated into one song. It’s kinda all over the place and zig zags a bit but I love every word he sings. I didn’t like the production on low. When I compare the electro sound here and on dog, low comes up short imo. I did like that the songs lexicon was fun
I almost like it, but I hate the "Tombs are full of fools who gave their life upon command" line so much. Pity since it is a pretty strong song and I adore the last lines.
I think if this had come out when both he and I was younger, I would've loved it but...

As already observed, musically there's nothing there (AGAIN) and when I heard it I thought it was such a sixth-form soapbox protest lyric, as if written by a student who was just becoming aware of the injustices of the world after sitting through double history; except it was coming out of the mouth of an old man who was losing his hair.

It seemed sad, but not for the subject matter addressed in the lyric.
That's essentially how I feel about it. I will say I took more note when I heard it live than on LIHS.
Strong, anthemic song. Really liked it, although not as much as it would deserve the prior-album release (single?)-status.
A really strong album track, a bit like Mama on Refusal.


I like this one. I wanted to hear a live version and see if it has changed much. I haven't listened to the record it's from for a while but I think it might be one of the better songs on it?

Boz sounds fantastic on this! I like how he slips the 'Alma Matters' riff in there too.
Definitely one of the better tracks in the abomination that was Low In High School.
This is a tricky one for me. I love the lyrics and what Morrissey tries to do with the vocal melody here, but I find the music so ploddingly, lumpily awful (sorry Boz) that it just doesn't work - although I guess it does have a certain "energy" live.

I'd love to hear this song done in a totally different musical style, maybe even like a country song? There's a plaintiveness and a passion to it that just isn't well served by the way it's presented here.

‘but I find the music so ploddingly, lumpily awful (sorry Boz) that it just doesn't work’

Yes. I’ve never really been able to get beyond this. Morrissey simply can’t get a tune out of it.
Didn’t like the album but love this song, it’s the one I return to most
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