Morrissey A-Z: "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden"

It was released, BECAUSE, like Sullivan and myself, Steven would have heard this endlessly on day-time radio in the early 197os. And that sort of thing STICKS, I tell you, IT STICKS. We can but wonder WHY he's never dipped into Lyndsey de Paul or Blue Mink for the same reasons. |And we tell you this, so listen, HURRICANE SMITH was Morrissey before there was a Morrissey. He get's it, he gets it.
Not exactly a favorite, but certainly unexpected and a decent enough cover. Is it just me or does it sound like his voice strains in places? Granted it's live and not a studio version.
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I’m just gonna go right out and say it: this is his best ever cover song. Absolutely magnificent, and it fits him PERFECTLY. The joy he seems to get from singing it is really infectious, too. I’ll love this til my dying days!

Really... even above "That's Entertainment"?
I prefer Morrissey's version.

I prefer Morrissey's version.


I do as well.

Lynn is fabulous, but she sounds more as if it would be a Rose Garden, whereas Moz sounds like he's come home late, slightly disheveled, & his other half is fuming.
Really... even above "That's Entertainment"?
That’s the million dollar question, of course. But yeah, I think so. For the most part.
Today's song is Morrissey's live cover of this Joe South composition, included on the deluxe edition of Low in High School. The song was originally written and recorded by South in 1967 before being covered by Lynn Anderson in 1970 - and it was her version that made the song a country/pop crossover smash.) I'll put both versions below.

What do we think?
Did we miss I Like You?
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