Morrissey A-Z: "I Know Very Well How I Got My Name"

Another rare song that I love. There's a chance the songs being rare or left off albums makes me endeared towards them in a way I maybe wouldn't if it was on an album? Something to think about. This one always kind of reminded me of Yo La Tengo.


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It’s songs like this that make me wish one day Moz would release a book talking about the background/meaning (however much or less detail he wishes to go into) from all of his songs in alphabetical order.

I love this song.


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I also remember some interview where he mentions trying to dye his hair gold and it coming out green instead.

Just because I was reading it again earlier


(NME, February 1988)

“In a brave but outrageously premature display of solidarity [with David Bowie] Morrissey arrived in school (St Marys) one morning with his hair streaked blond. According to Morrissey, he was summarily sent home, though his clas-mates have no recollection of this. However, Chris Power does recall Morrissey's amusing attempt to disguise the controversial gold streak by re-dyeing the offending locks black. The hair-colouring episode (which is recalled in this song) may have had a secondary cause, as Mike Ellis speculates: The day of the blond flash was also the first time I ever saw him wear spectacles. He was quite self-conscious about glasses then."

from, but is the above quote from Mozipedia?

That quote is from The Severed Alliance.


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Ah thank you! Where did I get green from doh::lbf: maybe this ...

the great director Joseph Losey also did some other films Morrissey is sure to be familiar with.

Andy mentions green here...

"Andy Rourke also notes Duffy’s influence in alerting himself and Marr to the Morrissey enigma. ‘Johnny and I had hung around at school together with Billy, who was a bit older than us,’ says Rourke. ‘He’d crossed Morrissey’s path a few times and had told us all about being in The Nosebleeds and the time he’d tried to dye his hair green or something.'" (From Mozipedia)

That must have been years after the gold incident though (if true).
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