Morrissey A-Z: "I Have Forgiven Jesus"


If we could say that this is representative of a type of song he does this is one of the better ones. The pumping piano helps a lot and the guitar tone is warm but with an edge. The drums are great.
For me this is not one of the standouts on the album but it certainly towers above things like "Friday Mourning" and Never Played Symphonies."

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Great time, great shows. Was a treat to see David Johansen too.

Yep. Always got up to dance when he did Funky But Chic. Too bad he didn’t open all of the shows.


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Great song, and testament to Quarry’s strong singles that even the fourth single is still so great.



The nerve of forgiving Jesus.

Great song.

He & Sinead really should pool their anguish sometime, they go weirdly in parallel but with her always trying to embrace religion & him being wary of it.

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Years ago Mike Joyce claimed that he had sex with Sinead O'Connor when they toured together ages ago. I don't know if Sinead O'Connor has confirmed whether it is true or not? From what Mike Joyce said it was just a short fling. Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke toured with Sinead O'Connor in her backing band some years ago. Would Morrissey want to be friends with Sinead O'Connor knowing that she has worked with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke and might still be friends with them?

Sinead O'Connor was brought up Roman Catholic and so was Morrissey. Sinead O'Connor is Irish and Morrissey has Irish heritage. They both seem sexually ambiguous in some ways. They are both famous first becoming famous in the 1980s and they work in the music industry and are both singers. They have both battled with depression and talked about mental health struggles. They both have an interest in Hinduism. They have both spoken about abuse, trauma and not fitting in with the mainstream music industry.

In some ways they seem quite different. For instance Sinead O'Connor is sort of a 'Rasta' and a Muslim as well as her big interest in Hinduism and her Catholic faith. How can Sinead O'Connor be a Catholic, Hindu, Rasta and Muslim? Sinead O'Connor seems spiritually confused. Politically she is coming from a different place to Morrissey. Sinead is a mother she has about 4 children with different partners she has the responsibilities of being a parent. She might of been married? Morrissey has never married or had any children. A lot of rockstars and stuff seem to have an interest in Hinduism, "New Age" spirituality and the New Age Movement and also Eastern mysticism and even sometimes the occult.
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