Morrissey A-Z: "I Am Veronica"


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It's very hard to believe but this song is very catchy .

Ketamine Sun

Myxomatosis is an animal's disease
But I got so shook up mama that it ate away my knees
But I'm, Left Hand Luke & the Beggar Boys
Oh yes we are


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On the other hand, compared to other "catchy songs" from previous albums, Veronica is unlikely to take the top positions. I also think that the live version will be better than the studio version. Hope this will be the weakest link on Bonfire. And that would be a good sign.


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I would cry if I'd listened to it that many times! I've listened to it...twice, and that was just to confirm my previous thought of " meh". It ain't good.
I agree unfortunately. I’ve seen a lot of fans praising it for being catchy, and it is but is that how far our expectations have lowered? Catchy equals good?


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Does not catchy equal good?
Sure not . I don't like "Bobby don't you think they know" very much, but at the same time I think it's catchy. And from time to time I find myself humming this song . And it makes me embarrassed .
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