Morrissey A-Z: "Honey, You Know Where to Find Me"

I think it's a lovely little song, would make a good album track. I've been listening to Southpaw Grammar a lot lately and while I like it more now than I used to, I can't help but wish some of the plodding rockers were replaced with lighter touches like this one.
Apparently, just like "You should have been nice to me", it was about the experience of "love between brothers" with Jake.

Wouldn't have fit right on Southpaw but would have been a nice one off farewell single for Jake circa December 94 with "You should have been nice to me" as a flip on 7".
P&O, you sound as if you lived sandwiched between those two men once! Tell us more!!
I find it sort of funny that we all like a song where morrissey says hes happy and content with who he is and specifically says he’s not gonna cry. It’s all so out of character all around
The Teachers are afraid of the pupils...?
tomorrow.been told theres a page 2,must be a short page unless M has covered xanadu by onj.
my mistake,never noticed page 2,has another 90 songs,this going to take forever to get through.enjoying it though.
for a new fan this is a great way of hearing and learning about every M song.
Kick three songs off Southpaw and add this, Sunny, and you should have been nice to me, and it would completely elevate the album.

That said, I listen to Southpaw more than any other album of his, I think because it’s probably his weirdest - he never pushed his sound that far out before or since
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