Morrissey A-Z: "Have-A-Go-Merchant"

Gene, Elastica, long list. I never bought into it. It all seemed a bit retro to me.

Yeah, some can say Suede were retro, but they brought there own thing to it, sincere in their intent, their first two albums.

Always enjoyed this cover of Suede's "My Insatiable One". Of all his covers I could easily have seen Morrissey compose this one himself.

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I like this song. Snogged a lass to it at a Smiths Disco about twelve years ago. Good times.
Although - in my mind - Boxers was arguably his peak as a solo artist, I actually think this would have landed better as the A side. It’s unsubtle, sounds big, and chimed with the uncomplicated laddish music that was so popular at the time
I have always loved this song so much. This is kind of a dark side point but I used to think the line was "how her daddy rapes her." Umm...

I just love the vibe of this song. I like chord progressions that aren't happy and they're not sad. Just kind of a "well, that's life" sort of feel.
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