Morrissey A-Z: "Happy Lovers at Last United"

Mike Rourke

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Flimsy music, flimsy words. Next!
Actually, it is indeed still good to hear the crispness and clarity of the wonderful Morrissey/Street sound even though this could be their weakest composition.


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It was so nice when this one leaked alongside "Lifeguard on Duty" and we were transported right back to that classic Street sound. Even though this is a pretty slight track,
Definitely happy we eventually got to hear this, but mostly it makes me sad that Morrissey/Street didn't last longer. In other words, if songs like this and "Lifeguard on Duty" were among the discards... IMHO there must have been much left in their creative tank (as the post Viva Hate singles suggested).

Carlisle baz

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Classic Moz pop...
He’s done his bit, then has been 4ked off .
Not one of my Moz go to songs ..but has been pointed out , a bit of a gem.
Lovely guitars, simple, but effective


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I think it's brilliant and should have been released as a stand alone 7".
Give me this over the recent Cosmic Dancer single any day of the week.
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