Morrissey A-Z: "Forgive Someone"



I don't like this particular song. Overblown blather with appalling musical backing.
Tee-dee-ummmmm. HOWEVER, the origins of his genius and the 'SMITH/S' was always looking at him, always in his ears.



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Probably my favorite song from World Peace, classic crooner style which I really enjoy when it comes to MOZ ...!!! I think this + drag the river + Julie in the Weeds all have the same feel and easily could be placed on the main LP. In fact these 4 could make there own mini LP. Some will agree and others will not, it's all a matter of opinion, to each his own~
One of the best Morrissey songs. So something I am obsessed with is the bonus tracks from World Peace, as World Peace is an album I do not like too much, but (most of) the bonus tracks are like my favorite Morrissey stuff in years and years. So this is one of them. So I love it.

This and the other bonus tracks (except Scandinavia) are other disorienting thing for me when a Morrissey fan dislikes them or is unimpressed. I truly don't know what they want out of a Morrissey song. I just don't understand. Beautiful melodies, complicated, interesting storytelling in the lyrics, wonderful singing, intricate musicianship...What is the problem exactly? These bonus tracks all have this peaceful, beautiful feeling to them (again, not Scandinavia, and yeah, not Art Hounds, but that one's great for other reasons)...They all sound like Morrissey is smiling while singing them. I mean that quite hear it in his voice at times.
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