Morrissey A-Z: "Come Back to Camden"

Carlisle baz

Cock of the north
Sorry, but does anyone think this song is a bit overrated? at least here on solo.

CBTC is to Quarry what Home Is A Question Mark is to LIHS.

Having said that, it is one of his best from his best.

The opening lines of this very beautiful song are deeply touching me

There's something I wanted to tell you
so funny you'll kill yourself laughing
and then I look around
and remember that I am alone / alone forever more.
could elvis, mark-e Smith
Jarvis , ever have come up with this line.... quite possibly.... but not
Many more....


Bluff, Ardour & Assoc.
In the rare times these days that I focus on any of the solo material beyond 1997, it's with some wistfulness that there weren't more recordings made by this particular version of the Lads (Whyte, Boorer, Day, Butterworth, Manning and/or Farrell). This - along with First of the Gang to Die and Let Me Kiss You - was the highlight of You Are The Quarry and ranks among one of his most self-assured vocals working up and down the range with aplomb.
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