Morrissey A-Z: "Christian Dior"


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This song didn't make the album, 'I'll never be anybody's hero now' did.

Quality control must've nipped out for a fag break at that point.

In regards to Morrissey’s decision
on what songs get on his album is probably more complicated than just picking songs that would please his critics, fans, and his band members.


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A pleasant melody but beyond that it's not doing much for me... looks like I'm in the minority here. Maybe if I'd listened to it more when it was new it would have been a grower.
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The Wild Turkey

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Come to think of it, this was the first and almost only time that I went
ahead and bought a digital single.
For some reason I couldn't get this anywhere else, so I bought the digital
single for In The Future When All's Well.
It mighta even been from a link on that True-To-You website. Haha.
It were well worth it though, cause it's a great song.

joe frady

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CD hums, dings & errs within every ventricle in my possession... 💘

morrissey a-z
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