Morrissey A-Z: "By the Time I Get to Wherever I'm Going"


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My take is that it doesn't fit either thematically or musically with LIHS, which is a very political record, for better or (in most cases) worse. It's like one of the World Peace deluxe edition tracks, which gave us Morrissey being Morrissey instead of waffling about Allen Ginsburg or Irish prisons.

I agree with that, but surely he could have used these songs on the deluxe LP instead of these covers?
Here's my ideal deluxe:
A-side: experimental Moz: Lover to be / Twin / The song doesn't end.../ I thought you were dead
B-side: traditional Moz: the 3 tracks we already reviewed, Chain Gang, I couldn't understand why people laughed.
All Morrissey had to do was to get these tracks finalized.


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It's a shame. If the lyric were stronger and that stupid guitar break excised, this would easily be one of the best tracks Morrissey has released in a decade.

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It clearly has the vibes of the WPINOYB bonus tracks. The 60s Mozzer is a good latter-day Mozzer.
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