Morrissey A-Z: 'All The Young People Must Fall In Love'

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Just a heads up - I’m not sure I’ll be able to do these everyday, so if anyone wants to give me a helping hand to keep this catalogue going feel free. Anyone can do it, if you have a spare moment. Thanks in advance :).

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Dear Mr President by Pink came to mind. There is a genre of teenage "protest" songs whose intention (or maybe outcome) is not really to exert pressure on politicians in an effective way or any way at all. They are striving for harmony, inclusion and understanding far too much, and consequently won't be taken seriously by anybody in power. There is something pitiful but also irritating about this sort of lament. With regard to "All them young folks must fall in love" the same inconsequential principle is at work, they are far too nice. It's more about bonding within the group, showing the others that you are a kind and loveable person to connect to, just like your mum and dad and the rest of the lovely family, and not so much about achieving a change in the world outside the peer group. The slightly accusatory tone reminds me of "Teenage Dad" a bit.
This was written before Greta, wasn't it?


I only know half of the LIHS album. And I like this song the least of the six I know.

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LIHS is without a doubt his worst ever album, and this song is just one of many clunkers on it. Not the worst song on the album, but still quite worthless.


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It's quite a sweet wee song - terrible things happen in the world, but we still fall in love the same as we ever did.
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