Morrissey A-Z: 'All The Lazy Dykes'


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If that's the hanky code it could explain the Hand In Glove cover...

(There was a play that involved the hanky code otherwise I wouldn't know).
I think the Hand In Glove cover is pretty self-explanatory.

Wasn't aware that people usually don't know about the hanky code... 🤔


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I think it's quite arcane now unless you come across an article.
I don't really live in the real world, so I wouldn't know.

A friend once explained it to me in detail.

Pamela Palmtree

Another fine example of how a nice and hazy little song doesn't survive a confrontation with harsh reality, like a distracted cyclist wouldn't feel very well after being ran over by Nigel's bus (for example)

SONG: Morrissey is chummy with laid-back lesbians idly training for the Giro and he invites everyone for a group hug in Calfornia. Maybe a spliff. RESULT: That Morrissey hombre sounds like a cool dude.

REALITY: Morrissey supprts random rambling lady who happens to like other ladiz and wants to end the religion of climate change, whatever that means, with worse blouses than the Iron Lady and, dare I say it, much less charm, and he invites everyone to vote for her. RESULT: Begone, loser! Even Mike has better taste in dykes!

It's a shame, I quite liked the music.


I love it, but I wish there was a bit more girl-on-girl action in the lyrics.
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