Morrissey A-Z: "(A) Swallow on My Neck"

The question is: Is there more in the vaults, dating from 94? He did no touring, enjoyed his relationship and became a boxing enthusiast. Just lazy B-side sessions and the Boxers recordings? Alain can't remember anything else from that period. Ach!!!
The Lazy B-Siders?
A superior b-side and again an improvement on most of Southpaw Grammar.

It's not too deep and meaningful, but an enjoyable track.

In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 94th from 264 solo songs.
A perfect b-side, and a fitting reward for newer fans willing to properly explore ins and outs of the man's discography.
Basically same exact comments for this as "Sunny." (Southpaw Grammer aside) From an era where Morrissey was very much in top form and was working with great collaborators. The songs just seemed to pour out effortlessly. 8/10.
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I think of it as a good b-side but never thought about it that much. I'd give a 7/10 but comments make me think it might be better than that.
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