Morrissey: A New Low by Jason Reed (Paso Robles cancellation investigation) - Inner Edge Music

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By Doctor Paso on Nov 9, 2017 at 3:19 PM
  1. Doctor Paso

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    An investigative article detailing the cancelation-

    “Morrissey: A New Low” - Inner Edge Music
    November 8, 2017
    Written by Jason Reed


    This Sunday marked a new low in the history of Morrissey fandom. And no, I’m not just referring to the temperature.

    Eager fans waited with bated breath to see if one of their musical icons would actually show up to the normally idyllic, intimate Vino Robles Ampitheatre in Paso Robles, California (not far away from the memorial of Morrissey’s own idol, Mr. James Dean, who died in a car accident back in 1955). Jokes were aplenty that the acclaimed musician would cancel at the last minute (as he has done many times before), but Morrissey loyalists proclaimed that such cynical forecasting was unfounded. Sadly, it was not. He apparently spent the day in bed. And now that joke isn’t funny anymore.

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Doctor Paso, Nov 9, 2017.

    1. SuedeMoz
      Rather long winded "investigation" that basically points out that Morrissey is devious, truculent and unreliable.
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    2. Daddys Voice
      Daddys Voice
      He's officially tied with Axl Rose now.

      PS - Could someone go ahead and leak the new album?

      Thanks a bunch.
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    3. Daddys Voice
      Daddys Voice
      There's nothing new about this "Low".
      It's just a standard low.
    4. g23
      TLDR: Morrissey cancels show for reason many find silly, or perhaps lacking honesty. Essay of long winded bullshit follows.
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    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I'm glad the post-gig info was useful to someone :lbf:
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    6. Anonymous
      Morrissey is not a singer in the classical way. He said himself that after one hour and half his jaws are blocked. He has greatly improved his technique over the year, to move from a throat voice to a belly voice. Nonetheless, singing may surely be very exhausting for him. And if the condition are not optimal, it's better to cancel than to put at risk the rest of the tour.

      as for the investigation, surely this "journalist" has yet to search what the word is meaning.
    7. SuedeMoz
      Yeah, just a standard low. I would argue that the time (even mentioned in the article) Morrissey canceled a show due to "illness" and was then seen out at a bar was much more of a low than this one.
    8. AztecCamera
      Morrissey is from L.A. Do you know how cold 41 degrees is for someone from Southern California? Reckon this is why me think there is no way he is getting on that plane at LAX in February to go to Brittin and get their money.
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    9. Surface
      You do realise he is playing indoors on the British tour. Appreciate you live in the trailer park due to your lack of education but you could try enlisting at night school. I suggest you take, spelling, geography and history as you have an incredibly poor understanding of these subjects.

      Its obvious some snobs don’t have a sense of humor. I guess they’re to busy grimacing from the stick stuck up there ass to have one .
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    11. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      yes, the 'pope of mope' the 'former Smiths front man' 'big mouth strikes again'' heaven knows he's ...' .....
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    12. Anonymous
      Can we appropriate the hashtag #metoo as in #metoo...I’ve been cancelled on my Morrissey.
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    13. firsttodie
      Morrissey is unpredictable-surprise, surprise.
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    14. ACTON
      That hacksaw article is the cure for insomnia.
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    15. Anonymous
      His jaws are blocked? Maybe something got stuck in his throat.
    16. Anonymous
      He’s from Manchester pal
    17. Anonymous
      The surprise is not that he cancelled gigs.... The surprise is he gave gigs...... :crazy: :brows:

      "Now it's too cold, and he feels too OLD"
    18. Anonymous
      Be happy the man still performs at all. Yes he's unreliable and difficult to accommodate, what kind of fans don't know this by now? Answer-> The same ones who whine about it on the internet.
    19. Anonymous
      Nice wack rhyme. We all get old. Some play their cards right and don't push it in life and live to a decent older age and enjoy what life has to offer ( I'm not including drugs of any sort, as they are lies/ broken promises, deadly on your health), others rip it up, drink, do drugs, live as if there won't be a tomorrow and die early. That even includes having sexxx with others you really don't even know, just to fill some empty open gaping wound.

      Maybe someone wrote this initial post high on something, but figured they'd call it a " Low" life kinda thing to possibly make themselves look good, or help make fans out there feel better about the Morrisey last hour bail out?!

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