Morrissey 7 Inch Vinyl Collection

Some Collectables
I hope I am not breaking any rules here at MS. But I thought I would post my two videos here for anyone to check out. It is mostly all of my Morrissey vinyl not including any Smiths. You can get an idea of what you are missing and what you have. I hope you like it and I apologize if I am breaking a rule hear for doing this.

Leave comments if you have any questions.

Hey Rob.. your video is pretty nice as well your collection.
As your "backdrop" was your albums' collection which looks wonderdul and big.
Thanks for sharing. It's always interesting to see someone else's collection, and to hear their take on it too.
Hi there,

I enjoyed your videos. Nice to see a genuine fan being proud to show off his collection.

It has made me regret selling a few items. I now feel a need to get them back !!

I also liked seeing Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" LP just over your shoulder ...

I look forward to seeing your Smiths collection.


Hello beau,
I thought there may have been some rules concerning promoting any outside collections, etc... Thanks a lot for your comment, Rob
Hello Del,
That was a very nice comment. I hope you do get all of your Morrissey/Smiths items back. I am sorry that you let some of them go. Good luck if you decide to do so. Rob
Jeff, could you do the same with your collection? I feel like drooling a bit. I think I got the new GG promo today for £125 which is a bit much but I couldn't refuse.
Hello Jeff,
Has it been that long? It is really fantastic hearing from you. I will catch you up on a few things next time I see you at a show. I will not miss the next ones in this area. I hope your family is well and of course, yourself too. Now that I know where to find you I will shoot you a longer email some night/day. Thanks for writing Jeff, Rob
Hello beau,
I thought that there might have been a rule as to personal posting of videos on Morrissey Solo. I guess after seeing all the different postings there is not. Thanks for writing, I really appreciate it, Rob
7 inch boorer boz morrissey moz mozzer smiths white
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