Morrissey 5th in GQ Worst Dressed 2018

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By Anonymous on Dec 3, 2017 at 12:19 PM
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    Kit Harrington crowned worst-dressed man - RTE Ireland


    Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington has been crowned worst-dressed man, topping the list for 2018 in a GQ magazine poll.


    1. Kit Harington
    2. Paul Merton
    3. Shmee150
    4. Jacob Rees-Mogg
    5. Morrissey
    6. PewDiePie
    7. Louis Theroux
    8. Marshmello
    9. Elon Musk
    10. Joe Wicks
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Dec 3, 2017.

    1. FUCK GQ
      FUCK GQ

      Baffling. Who are the fashionista clowns making these cruel misjudgments?:confused: Morrissey is ultra-sensitive to this kind of thing too because he takes pride in his fabulous wardrobe choices.
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    2. Uncleskinny
      Riiiiggghht. Does that include not wearing animal fibres?
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    3. javert
      Jacob Rees-Mogg is on this list - Which is utter bollocks considering he is a man who wears probably the best dressed outfit of anyone in Modern Politics.
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    4. BrummieBoy
      Morrissey is mutton dressed as lamb.

      He is a slimmer version of Elton John.

      His preposterous fetish with 'designer' bling which violates his publicly stated beliefs just shows he is a slave to the destructive, evil ideology of F-F-F-F-Fashion....

      He has been exposed as a Crank-Fraud on every level, including the contents of his wardrobe, though I imagine he has a walk-in closet where he spends endless hours locked in choosing his next ridiculous outfit...perhaps it's time for Morrissey to come out of the closet....*smirks*

      I wonder if there's anyone who posts on these boards who can confirm whether or not Morrissey would rather 'be a dick than a swallower' ?....*thinking*.....surely there at least one person but, ah yes, I guess it might get legal if there's 'confidentiality agreements' for all those 'best friends on the payroll' over the years. Isn't there anyone out there who hooked up with Morrissey pre-fame.......LOL!

      Wonder what Kristeen Young mean when she said that stuff about Morrissey & oral sex onstage? Will anyone ever come forward to say.....has Morrissey trolled enough to be 'outed'?.......after Spaceygate, surely we're getting close...ahem!

      What you want, a Bentley? Fur coat? A diamond chain?
      All you blacks want all the same things"
      Used to only be niggas now everybody playing
      Spending everything on Alexander Wang
      New Slaves

      You see there's leaders and there's followers
      But I'd rather be a dick than a swallower

      You see there's leaders and there's followers
      But I'd rather be a dick than a swallower - Kanye West 'New Slaves'
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    5. Vegan
      Strange you would quote Kanye. Don't you think he's an asshole too?
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    6. 001
      Kanye is a twat!

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    7. Anonymous
      Morrissey has some great outfits but can also wear some odd things at times. The seventies look he does with the chunky jewelry and shirtless blazers and jeans sometimes is interesting in character but can probably turn a lot of designers off. I don’t always like the large jeans he wears but for all the stir it caused I liked that sweater he wore and this blazer is nice. The proto football jersey like shirts hes worn for a while are kinda terrible but the white shirt he came out with for the encore in d.c and tossed into the crowd looked good on him. He’s a hit and miss with fashion to me. Never boring though which is a good thing
    8. g23
      I guess I cruelly misjudged this particular coat as well. Because it's tackier than glue.
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    9. Anonymous
      That coat is great
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    10. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Forgetting to put your shirt on while strapping on a suit is enough to get a man on the list.
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    11. Remy Martin
      Remy Martin

      I bet they know who Kashishians are.
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    12. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Anyone care to explain why GQ/RTE title their 2017 article worst dressed of 2018?
      Morrissey may be responsible for some things, but time travel isn't probably one of them :)
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    13. bhops
      What's that got to do with best or worst dressed???
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    14. URBANUS
      He doesn't wear suits or a jacket with jeans very well and those oversized jeans must have something to do with it. He always wear things that do not fit him or suit him at all.

      Even the slim jacket for the latest video did not look well at all. Modern slim suits simply make you look like Pee Wee Herman and compared with Moz he had style.

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    15. URBANUS
      I noticed that as well!
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    16. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Time do as I wish, oho time do as I wish, oho time do as I wish, DO AS I WISH. ;)
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    17. rifke
      pfft yeah "okay"..
      I mean, I guess we cant all be glenn O'Brien. but Morrissey has some amazing pieces in his wardrobe and what's more is Morrissey, like all people with true style, dresses to suit himself and in so doing manages to pull off looks that others couldn't.

      now since I've brought up glenn o brien, I happen to have a glenn O'Brien related story that I've been meaning to share for a while and it's a fascinating one so you'll want to hold onto your seat. okay, so, a few years ago, before I discovered Morrissey, I will admit that I was a bit unsure of my stance on wearing fur. well, I mean, I had always been against it, and as a rule I always do this thing when I see other people wearing fur where I look them up and down snidely and then roll my eyes or turn away with a sneer, because, frankly , people should feel BAD about wearing fur. even my amoral self knows that. but! as it happens, I've always been much more indulgent of myself than others and so have various ways of sweet talking myself into doing things that I am naturally inclined against doing. so there was this united bamboo fur hooded parka that I saw on one of those sites I go to with their racks of fashion which I cant afford, and i really wanted it. I mean it was really a fantastic parka, just look at it:
      superb, right? well, in the end, my conscience won out, and I just couldn't buy it. but I had really made a grand effort to try to talk myself into it, believe me, which included doing various google image searches looking for those much coveted photos of it being worn on the street in order to see how it looks in everyday life. well there was one picture that kept popping up in my google image searches and it became rather an eye irritation because it was of an old man in what I was at that point considering MY parka. what's a silly old man doing in it! i thought. boy he looks silly in it! well, as it turns out, I have only recently discovered that this whole time that old man in my parka was none other than glenn O'Brien! of course at the time I had no idea who glenn O'Brien was, nor that he was not only not a silly old man but was also a paragon of style and the coolest guy on the planet, as well. now that i know, i am of course quite happy in the knowledge that he was wearing my parka and that glenn O'Brien and I are on the same fashion wavelength-- even if he doesn't quite hold himself up to the same stringent moral standards as I do. :cool:

      the end.

      my style sister:
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    18. Peterb
      I am reminded of Lennon who whilst preaching love and telling us to 'imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can ' had an entire floor of some fancy hotel refrigerated to store Yoko's fur coats.
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    19. King Leer
      King Leer
      Speaking of Lennon, All the Young People has got to be the most Lennon-esque of Morrissey's entire discography. I like it a lot.

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