Morrissey #5, #9 in the "Official UK Biggest Selling Vinyl Singles of the Decade (so far)" - TTY

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By Uncleskinny on Apr 10, 2015 at 6:51 PM
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    UPDATE Apr. 13:

    Detritus posted:

    For anyone questioning the legitimacy of this list, here it is from Official Charts:

    The Official Top 40 Biggest Vinyl Singles and Albums of the decade so far

    Moz is also at #22 for Satellite of Love.

    Morrissey singles UK -
    10 April 2015

    Morrissey appears twice in the official list of UK Top Selling Vinyl Singles of the Decade so far.

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    1. Anonymous
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      How old are you Steven ? Grow up you crank.
      Just when we thought progress was being made

    2. BrummieBoy
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      If Morrissey had got his arse in gear for Record Store Day 2015 and delivered a retro-release of KMAL as a 7" vinyl it might have helped give it legs. Great song destroyed by lazy marketing and atrocious video FAIL! If he does get a new deal and a chance to re-issue/re-package WPINOYB, will he learn any lessons from these debacles? Don't hold your breath.

      I assume he's in nostalgia mode and just ignoring the iTunes sales figures. If he just pretends it's still the heyday of physical product the world will conform to his fantasies. Yeah, right. Good luck with that one.

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    3. Lazarus
      Glamorous Glue... :crazy:
      That says a lot about the Arctic Monkeys single if GG is 9.
    4. Eric Hartman
    5. Anonymous
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      And how many singles have you sold in your life you bitter sad jealous cunt?
    6. Anonymous
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      I've got a semi-on

      Anybody else?
    7. 21punksalute
      What if Morrissey actually believes this list to be true and starts playing glamorous glue on the US tour. Guess it will be a good time to go get a hot dog and coke.
    8. Anonymous
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      id be fine with it as i love that song
    9. Chip
      This doesn't surprise me. I suspect the vinyl buying audience has much different tastes the general music audience at large and it doesn't surprise me to see indie acts, David Bowie, or Morrissey topping out the list.

      I'd be curious to see the list for bestselling albums.
    10. FAN
      Notice the two songs mentioned are from his time with Stephen Street and Alain Whyte/Gary day/Boz/Spencer--not the sadsack, sorry sods who play with him now.
    11. Anonymousjohnsonb
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      You don't have to define a total sham. You'll know it when you see it. Repulsive man.
    12. terrancestamp
      This list is not real. If Lady Gaga can be # 3 then where are all the other shitty million selling artist like Adel, Robbie Williams, One Direction.... the list goes on..... Fake list. Calling it out now.
    13. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      I helped with Morrissey and Bowie. I think I'll support Noel.
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    14. Anonymous
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      Say again ? ? ?

    15. itsmorrisseyyy
      Does anyone else feel like Noel Gallagher is everywhere they go this week? I can barely turn round without falling over him, or at least falling over someone talking about him.
    16. Tynamuna
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      Unfortunately yes, I can't stand him he thinks he's the godfather of all indie/alternative music. If it does not pass him they can go to hell.

      Only reason Noel everywhere, is that all the other Talented musicians of that era and before have moved on and have some humility

      Fucking c*nt, looks like a turtle made of play doh that's been dropped face first.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Although oasis had their moments

      - - - Updated - - -

      Is this list real, looks a bit shoddy, where's the source
    17. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      I like him. His first solo album is amazing and this one is also good.
      He is not the godfather of anything but his albums are better than Marr's
      Deal with it.
    18. Tynamuna
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      Do not get defensive, I did not insult your mother
    19. Anonymous
      Re: Morrissey Singles UK - TTY

      Photo evidence, otherwise you are bluffing.

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