Morrissey 30 seconds with Wink - forthcoming interview in issue 8

Still sticking with the lip licking, I see.

He's adorable and skinny.

Its a church. A chilly church.
Morrissey Interview for WINK issue 8

WINK, Pestana Lifestyle Magazine, is a biannual travel and lifestyle magazine which aims to promote the destinations where the Pestana Group is present, through fashion editorials, guides, suggestions on original things to do, interviews, special guests and much more, in Portugal and across the world.
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Handsome. I can't understand the word he says where it's silent.
Not to sound stalker-like...or mega creepy...but, if I had the chance to lay in the same bed he slept in the night before (in that same suite where he had stayed), well, I don't think I would ever recover. I'm also a huge germophobe and typically, when in hotels, I don't go anywhere near their pillows or comforters (if I could hover over the floors in hotels, I would). That says a lot about my devotion to Moz. Oh, and my insanity. Hahaha!
Thank you for your confession, Benny!

Hands up, you got me fair and square well done cberlin but I was referring to our hero who is dabbling with the idea that he is dying of cancer, a disease we need to stand up to and fight, it's no joke and it's not something that should be used for publicity.
Steven Patrick Morrissey do you have cancer ? Yes or no.

Looking tanned and very slim. I love that he says "night-time", rather than just "at night."
So, what is this? A printed magazine interview or a video thing?
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