"Morrissey 25: Live" review by Robbie Collin (1/5 stars) - The Telegraph

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    1. Anonymous
      Pure first class idiocy
    2. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      This made me chuckle.
    3. Playcat2000
      Of all of the beautiful pictures of Moz in existence, these rags deliberately use the most unflattering picture they can find.
    4. Uncleskinny
      No one here is going to change the way these papers do their job. No one.

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    5. Playcat2000
      Yeah, thats some job. Jumping on the Morrissey bashing bandwagon. They could at least come up with something different instead of re-hashing the same "Chinese subspecies" or some other redundant crap.
    6. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "Then before we know it we are inside, and Morrissey is on stage, shouting “Viva Me-hi-co” in his best Me-hi-can accent. After (I think) the second song, we get “Viva Argentina” for good measure."

      Is this true? Morrissey has become a complete embarrassment.
    7. Playcat2000
      Maybe just to you and that dosent matter much.
    8. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      For a morrissey fan forum site, there is so much hatred towards him .
      For those who don't like him please go away and die, leave us true moz fans alone .
    9. Mozza220559
      Morrissey - Get Off The Stage (1990)

      Oh, you silly old man
      You silly old man
      You're making a fool of yourself
      So get off the stage

      You silly old man
      In your misguided trousers
      With your mascara and your Fender guitar
      And you think you can arouse us ?

      But the song that you just sang
      It sounds exactly like the last one
      And the next one
      I bet you it will sound
      Like this one

      Downstage, and offstage
      Don't you feel all run in ?
      And do you wonder when they will take it away ?
      This is your final fling

      But then applause ran high
      But for the patience of the ones behind you
      As a verse drags on like a month drags on
      It's very short, but it seems very long

      And the song that you just sang
      It sounds exactly like the last one
      And the next one
      I bet you it will sound
      Like this one

      So, get off the stage
      Oh, get off the stage
      And when we get down off of the stage
      Please stay off the stage - ALL DAY !

      Get off the stage
      Oh, get off the stage
      And when we've had our money back
      Then I'd like your back in plaster

      Oh, I know that you say
      How age has no meaning
      Oh, but here is your audience now
      And they're screaming :

      "Get off the stage"
      Oh, get off the stage
      Because I've given you enough of my time
      And the money that wasn't even mine
      Have you seen yourself recently ?

      Oh, get off the stage
      Oh, get off the stage
      For whom, oh ...
      For whom, oh ...
      For whom, oh ...
      For whom, oh ...

      Get off the stage
      Get off the stage
      Get off the stage

      For whom the bell tolls
    10. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Where have you been Playcat? I've missed your insights. I invested in one of these so I didn't miss out on your intellectual vigour while you were away...

    11. Playcat2000

      I got bad spanking for being mean, Barleyfart.
    12. Anonymous
      Obviously jealous of morrissey, no one writes such rubbish without a motive
    13. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Did you deserve it?
    14. BrummieBoy
      Let's not be too harsh. Lots of twits say "Hello London!" when they're in Paris. It's very Spinal Tap. He was confused by his tour schedule and thought he was a month ahead? Maybe it was some medication causing brainfog?

      I can understand the Mexico-L.A thing, but why reference Argentina? Is there an area of Los Angeles where Argentinians have settled? I wonder if he's say "Viva Peru!" after his second song next time he steps on stage. That would help the poor folk in Lima come to terms with their terrible loss of a 'performance'. And then "Viva Norway!" "Viva China!" "Viva Canada!" "Viva Gibraltar!" [LOL!]. That would be healing and show he's forgiven these territories their terrible crimes. Please Morrissey, forgive them all their trespass against you! The peace of the world may depend upon it!

      "“I love you,” says one woman, when Morrissey hands her the microphone. “You’re amazing. You’ve saved me from so many hardships. You’ve completed my life. You’ve completed the lives of my children.Morrissey smiles benignly, and then passes the microphone to someone else, who repeats much the same thing."

      Nice gift to Dad and the kids to say it's a remote pop star who's "completed my life". Not family life, career or a pet hamster, but a 'pop star'. Does anyone think this is healthy? Seriously creepy co-dependency. I'm sure this woman is devoted to her family and just got a bit silly and hyperbolic with excitement. But one might speculate that other fan-atics might be less balanced. And Morrissey just moves on to the next casualty. I must now watch this film to see his 'benign' smile...

      One can only wonder what ordeals the children of some cult members have to put up with at bed-time. No 'Harry Potter' nonsense, just recitation and rote learning of the lyrics to 'People are the Same Everywhere' and a bedtime lullaby of 'Asleep'. Hopefully, social services can track such disturbed 'fans' and rescue any trapped children, or provide counselling if they are now in institutions or living under a bridge to escape parental cult indoctrinations.
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    15. BrummieBoy
      Why should anyone do any such thing? You protest the supposed 'hatred' towards Morrissey but don't provide any example so it can be evaluated as constructive criticism or 'hatred'. You then request Non Believers 'go away and die, leave us true moz fans alone'. Wishing death on strangers on a web forum seems quite hateful. Why are you directing hatred towards those who challenge your co-dependent cult and your bizarre cult leader? Please get help to escape from this delusional state of mind:


    16. BrummieBoy
      Have a think about the following:

      Critical mass of critical thinking.
      Consensual reality.
      Solipsistic resistance to external feedback.

      Why doesn't it matter what another person's perceptions are? Since when did you become arbiter of relevance?. There is now a wide consensus that Morrissey's career has been effectively derailed by his own actions and behaviour. You appear to be retreating behind the cult 'group think' so prevalent here which dismisses any criticism or concern as irrelevant to protect your own mal-investment of time, money and emotion in The Cult of Morrissey. You have the option to put non-compliant non-cult commenters on 'ignore'. Please refrain from trying to police the discussion in future. Whilst this feedback may be initially challenging, it is my hope and prayer that it plays a small part in your journey of recovery from cult capture.

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    17. Anonymous
      Wow. Original. No quotes from Paint A Vulgar Picture just to complete the set?
    18. Anonymous
      1) Are there ANY good concert films? Stop Making Sense comes close to acceptable perhaps.
      2) Film reviewers won't regard straight concert films as "proper" films.
      3) Morrissey polarises opinion in real life, so there's no reason to think things will be any different on film.
    19. Anonymous

      And no one here will ever change the way Morrissey does his either. No one. Thank God.

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