'Morrissey 25: Live' review by Peter Bradshaw (4/5 stars) - The Guardian

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    1. Kewpie
    2. Playcat2000
      Finally, a nice one.
    3. BrummieBoy
      Er, no. It's a really nasty piece of work.

      " I found myself thinking he was a mix of Edith Piaf, Matt Monro and the late Tory MP Alan Clark."

      Being compared to Alan Clark is not very 'nice'. It's actually a bit below the belt given that politicians notorious outbursts on 'sensitive topics' such as race relations. And he was a mass philanderer, so what's the link to Morrissey? Other than cantankerous outbursts and inability to self-edit before putting foot-in-mouth....Both have/had an entitlement agenda regarding media deference and coverage, but in Clark's case it was based on inheriting a Kent castle and wallowing in privilege inherited -rather than the privilege Morrissey accrues from his pop culture earnings from honest toil. It really isn't very 'nice' as a comparison at all, unless I'm el plotto losto and have missed something? The UKIP Nigel Farage car-crash interview Moz gave? Still a totally unfair link to nasty types who still refer to 'Bongo Bong Land' and think it's ok.

      After being compared to Jeremy Clarkson, I'm sure Moz will be absolutely delighted by this 'nice' review. NOT! Of course, the author might just be a bit thick and didn't realise how 'inappropriate' such a link is. It's a vile thing to say and far more damaging than the Telegraph dismissal as it's covert and below the radar. Those 'in the know' will immediately raise an eyebrow at the comparison to The Rt Hon Alan Clark. Any sub-editor at the Grauniad should have picked this howler up and removed it. Possibly left in as a depth-charge. The conspiracy continues!!!


      "Racist comments from Clark about Britain's black community result in a press outrage"

      If Moz gets out of bed the wrong side, The Guardian can expect a fuming Letter Before Action for this one, even if that's pointless compliance with the gangster legal codes used by House of Fraudz types like Alan Clark. Or they can explain how and in what way Morrissey can be fairly compared to the deceased crackpot Clark.

      So, in writing this, am I 'trolling' or pointing out something very sinister or very stupid?

      "then you will see the glass, hidden in the grass"
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    4. Anonymous
      Once again BrummieBoy totally misses the point in his eagerness to post yet more tediously overlong, self-admiring drivel. Yes, there IS something about Morrissey that reminds one of the late Alan Clark - not that he exactly resembles the man, but something about him IS very reminiscent - the bone structure, the receding quiff. Pete Bradshaw is a fine critic (and part-time comedy writer/performer) and anyone familiar with his work - indeed anyone with a BRAIN - would immediately understand what he meant. But then comprehension isn't BrummieBoy's strong point. Nice to see he's still here though and still cares enough about Morrissey (despite his unconvincing protests to the contrary) to keep writing.
    5. BrummieBoy
      Thank you for that feedback and I hope you have thereby achieved emotional ventilation and can return to your daily routines. I regret to confirm that Pete Bradshaw is an inept critic and the link to Alan Clark was clumsly and rude and risky: if it was to Alan Clark's physiognomy, that's fine, but it would be prudent to state that. One would not reference Idi Amin and expect people to know that it was a reference to his corpulence rather than his psychosis. Quifif? That's hardly what Alan Clark is remembered for. I do not see posters of Alan Clark's receding quiff and bone structure anywhere and I do not think that is what he is a notorious signifier of wanton political trolling or worse.

      Why do you capitalise 'brain'? Is that some private in-joke regarding Pete Bradshaw's 'comedic skills'. His review was certainly a LOL-fest, however unintentional but with a bitter, acryllic aftertaste. Alan Clark is a deeply unpleasant figure and sloppily linking him to Morrissey is careless. However, we are all allowed to make mistakes and I am sure Pete will suck it up and learn from my rigorous response to his scribbling. It can only help him improve as a writer. I suggest he discusses my meta-review with his sub-editor.

      I, too, welcome feedback and legitimate correction of errors of fact, taste and judgement. However, your silly snipes do not fall into that welcome category.

      Finally, I can assure you Morrissey cares about me a lot more than I care about him. I can, single-handedly, not only terminate his career and credibility 'going forward' but can systematically debunk his entire past in a few caustic chapters of critical analysis. However, not being a vengeful Auberon Waugh type creature, I choose not to. So do others. Just sayin...Unless, of course, Morrissey continues to troll all and sundry with his preposterous attempts at offence-mongering yet demands to be protected from the wrath of The Audience. Then he may get a 'surprise'....

      Now, piss off.
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    6. shridan whiteside
      shridan whiteside
      No. How about you piss off. Permanently. You are a vulgar, unhappy little person. Morrissey wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, and the rest of us would whip out marshmallows and roast them to a golden brown by the light of you flaming body. If you were lucky.
    7. BrummieBoy
      Thank you for the 'psychotic group think cult revenge on heretic' scenario. Maybe Moz will use it as a video story-board for "Boy's A Looker". He could sit on a throne whilst his 'apostles and disciples' roast the troll-heretics like Brummieboy. But could he stand the smell of burning human flesh? We are, after all, animals. Tell me, Shridan Whiteside: are you a real devotee? Do you eat meat? Dairy? Wear leather? Are you trapped within Carnism? I'm not little. I'm 6ft 2ins and built like a brick shit house. I'm not unhappy either. I'm very, very happy to be alive, to be well, and to be able to irritate the fcuk out of "clueless consumers" of the Indie-Pop Idol Morrissey. Deal with it. Beeeeeatch!
    8. Mozza220559
      Remember when Brummie was outed as a racist?
    9. BrummieBoy
      Yes, by the seriously credible borderline psychotic-sociopath 'skylarker' if I recall. Apparently, I'm 'Shaun' and a rabid Celtic fan who has issues with people of colour and you can find me ranting to that effect on The Interwebs. Except that's NOT me. I'm acutally a real Brummieboy 2 Tone Zulu Warrior. A Blues fan. I guess I could track ice-cream man down and get legal on his Illinois ass, but that would require a court to accept that anyone took his 'expose' seriously. No court on earth would accept him as a credible witness to his own disturbed life, never mind mine. This is 'off-topic' and should be moved to The Pigsty. How long is it going to take you to get to grips with that? And no more 'bleurghs' from you, beeatch. Now sod off back to your Fall karaoke. I'm off to the retail park to check out the talent on display, see if I can cop off.
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    10. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Looking forward to seeing morrissey25 now after reading this review, going on Monday night, few pints of strong German beer first always makes it more enjoyable, be interesting to see how many of my fellow cultists will be there as brummieboy calls us
    11. Uncleskinny
      That's quite something. It seems to me you've waited for a positive review before looking forward to seeing it? All the other less positive reviews had no effect whatsoever?

    12. Mozzersmandan
      was looking forward to see this but upon reflection not sure if I will make the effort to go watch on monday

      the novelty of seeing moz in the cinema would be nice but the sycophancy is off putting

      may just stay in with a few cans and put 'Introducing Morrissey' on, this is how I will remember him and a more apt celebration of his solo career

      'viva mexico' and 'viva argentina' ..... SRSLY
    13. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Had my tickets for 3 weeks now and the everyday is like Sunday clip wasn't great. Maybe the haters on this site were having an effect. I should know better I've seen morrissey enough times to know that he's always incredible live
    14. realitybites
      Short and sweet. Just when I was getting into that review, it ended. I wanted to read more. Most positive review, to date... albeit too short.
    15. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Are you suggesting if he's not very good it's the fault of the people who say he's not very good?
    16. Girlmostlikely
      Yes, this was a nice one. We can't be surprised that the reviews are mixed, Morrissey isn't for everyone. He never was, and has never tried to be.

      I think this is primarily a film for fans. Hopefully it will get to some who are interested in Moz, but never got to see him live.

      I am completely excited about seeing this on the big screen! I saw him live a couple of days after this show, show and he was phenomenal!
    17. realitybites
      The theater in my town, Sedona, where the film is showing, is owned by and used exclusively to host films promoted and funded by the Sedona Film Festival. It only has one screen. The sound system is top notch. Most of the viewers to this theater are Sedona Film Festival members with season passes. Now this is a small town of about 10,000. And the members aren't exactly young hipsters but more like senior citizens. And because Phoenix which is a two hour drive from Sedona, and Flagtstaff—an hour away, are both showing the film, I can't imagine the audience on the 29th will consist of anything but locals. And this is troubling as I know of only one other Moz fan in the area. And she lives in the apartment below me. I have a strange feeling I am going to be watching this film alone, if you know what I mean. It's doubtful I will be fighting any cane wielding gents for the best seat in the house.
    18. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Not at all, in my opinion he's always been great live, I'm under no illusion his recent material hasn't been up to his usual standards but that doesn't take away from his performance on stage. As for the people who claim he is a greatest hits act these same people probably criticised him when he refused to play smiths tracks. He can't win either way
    19. Uncleskinny
      Look, I've no axe to grind either way, but supposition is no real starting point for establishing a position. Either 'they' did or 'they' didn't criticise him for 'refusing' to play Smiths tracks, not just probably. It's a very weak statement indeed.


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